The creation of the original hand-pulled noodles dates back to 200 years ago in the City of Lanzhou. This town, located in the northwest of China, was one of the most important stops for travellers and merchants coming from and going to the Middle East. The route is famously known as the Silk Road. Influenced by the mixed cultures of the city, the hand-pulled noodles, or Lanzhou Lamian, merged as the one dish that was adored by people of all backgrounds.

The modern hand-pulled noodles was invented by Ma Baozi in 1915, who pioneered pulling the noodles in front of customers and cooking them immediately. After generations of inheritance and innovation, in 1999, Omni Palace was founded on a mission of serving the most authentic hand-pulled Lanzhou beef noodles. It was soon dubbed as the best hand -pulled noodle brand in China with over 400 successful locations.

The Chinese have a common expression about Omni Palace, “You will never know the authentic hand-pulled noodle aroma until you visit Omni Palace!” This Chinese giant boasts daily sales of more than 750,000 Lanzhou Beef Noodles. The family-style inherited brand continues to make noodles today with their century-old ancestral recipes.

In addition to their secret ancestral recipes, Omni Palace is also known for passing on the art of noodle making to their chefs. At Omni Palace, hand-pulled noodle chefs are fully skilled and have more than 20 years of stretched noodle experience. This involves the art of pulling the noodles very quickly and consistently. Patrons can choose from nine different shapes of noodles, of varying thickness, with the thinnest one being called Angel Hair which can even thread through a needle! Moreover, Omni Palace designed an open concept kitchen so customers can see how the chefs stretch the noodles in person.

Now Canadian diners can enjoy this authentic hand-pulled noodle at Omni Palace!

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